IXP Tools

IXP Tools

Below is a collection of IXP related tools submitted by Euro-IX affiliated IXPs.

IXP Manager – INEX
A web application to assist in the management of Internet Exchanges (IXPs)
Net::sFlow – AMS-IX
sFlow is an industry standard technology for monitoring high speed switched networks. The technology is built into network equipment and gives complete visibility into network activity, enabling effective management and control of network resources. The sFlow module provides a mechanism to parse and decode sFlow datagrams. It supports sFlow version 2/4 (RFC 3176 – http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3176.txt) and sFlow version 5 (Memo – http://sflow.org/sflow_version_5.txt).

IXP Wishlist

With the continued growth of video and cloud based services, Internet traffic continues to grow. Public peering via Internet Exchange points continues to grow in terms of traffic carried and the number of ports required. The IXP operators feel that having the right tools and features implemented in the equipment they deploy will play an important part of scaling Ethernet technology to continue to meet the demands placed upon Exchange Points.

This is an informational document to outline the various features which IXPs would like to see implemented in core Ethernet (Switching) products. In general the wishes defined in this document should be understood as logical AND wherever it makes operational sense. That means all features on the wishlist should be configurable and usable at the same time and not exclusive or.

The latest IXP Wishlist can be found here:

IXP Wishlist

Version 4.0.4, November 2013

For further information please contact the co-authors:

Mike Hughes Ethernorth Consultancy mike@ethernorth.net 
Martin Pels Amsterdam Internet eXchange (AMS-IX) martin.pels@ams-ix.net 
Harald Michl Vienna Internet eXchange (VIX) harald.michl@univie.ac.at 

IXP Toolkit

A project developed by Internet Society together with IXP’s, NOG’s, RIR’s and other organisations in order to help develop IXP’s or to bring groups together for many years. The objective of this project is to create sustainable enabling environments so that local communities build their expertise and are  “enabled”. This is all about extending the Internet around the globe. This is all about working with others to build technical capacity, and for others to carry-on and build communities capable of maintaining, sustaining, and extending the benefits to other.

People who donate their time, build technical infrastructure, and otherwise are keen to train people who will train others. Join that community of experts: www.ixptoolkit.org.